Safety Engineering Services

TEG Risk provides machine safety services to industry, specialising in the primary and food processing sector.

Our experience has been across large multi-site organisations with international clients.

We provide safety engineering services for physical and mechanical disciplines and also those related to hazardous substances and hazardous area classifications.

Machine Safety –
Risk Assessment

TEG Risk carries out Machine Risk Assessments to help make your machinery and your workplace safer. We provide detailed reports to help stakeholders fully understand both the issues and best-practise solutions.

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TEG Risk Training

TEG Risk offers a range of expert-led training services designed to support your business to become more effective at managing risks. Our training is bespoke and delivered based on our client’s requirements.

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Machine Safety –
Project Management

Once a Risk Assessment has been completed TEG Risk will ensure the risks identified in your assessments are properly mitigated with our Machine Safety Project Management services.

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Machine Safety –

Most machine safety regulations require independent equipment validation after projects have been carried out, which can be a very technical process. We can provide you with full, independent Validation Services on upgraded machines and OEM equipment.

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Machine Safety –

Protecting Your Workers From Hazardous Energy

Every year, hundreds of Kiwi employees are seriously injured or killed by machinery. Fingers are caught in cogs, limbs are severed by blades, or a body is crushed by a press. Many of these incidents occur because the machine was not properly ‘locked out’.

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Machine Safety –
EU Conformity / CE Marking

If you are exporting machinery to Europe, as the manufacturer you must ensure your machine conforms to the stringent health and safety requirements set in place by the EU.

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TEG Risk offers two levels of Programme Management consulting.

  1. Safety Programme Management
  2. Reliability Programme Management

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Every manufacturing company depends on their machinery to function as efficiently as possible. But when machines wear out or break down, they won’t function at the speed or quality required – or at all.

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Hazardous Substances
& Explosive Areas

About 1 in 3 New Zealand businesses manufacture, use, handle or store hazardous substances. These substances are a major contributor to the estimated 600-900 deaths and 30,000 cases of serious ill health from work-related disease each year.

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TEG Risk Machine Safety Process

TEG Risk provides specialists services at each stage of the Machine Safety Process, from Assessment through to Validation.

Our TUV Certified Team have the knowledge, skills and experience to ensure that our client’s needs are met and considered at each stage. Our holistic approach, and understanding of the wider Machine Safety landscape, allows us provide a clinical approach to each stage of the Machine Safety Process.

TEG Risk Machine Safety Process Infographic
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asset risks assessed,
remediated or validated


compliance fines and
injuries prevented


machines assessed – no job
too big or small

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highly specialised and
qualified safety
engineering consultants


TÜV certified machine
safety professionals


Certified Functional
Safety Professionals

We are experts in our field

Machine Safety is a highly technical and specialised area of engineering. Don’t wait for an accident or a fine. Work with us to make sure your business is compliant and your employees are safe.