Machine Safety Training Services

Improve your machine safety standards with expert TEG Risk Training Services for your engineers and health and safety teams.


TEG Risk will not only conduct Machine Risk Assessments, but support your workplace safety by conducting onsite or offsite machine safety training to empower your operational teams. Training is provided by our expert engineers and will be customised to the needs of your specific site, equipment and technical and non-technical teams. As well as being aligned with country specific compliance requirements. We work with organisations throughout Australia and New Zealand, and Internationally. 

Our machine safety training courses cover AS/NZS machine safety standards, and have the benefit of being tailored to your specific site machinery.

Machine Safety Training Programmes

  • Machine Safety – Training for Managers (one day onsite interactive training)
  • Machine Safety – Overview Training (two hour onsite training, or one hour video presentation).

Machine Safety – Training for Managers

Upskill your management team to better understand the machine safety requirements for your site. We’ll ensure we’re providing your team with information specific to your machinery, and increase their knowledge of machine guarding safety. A working knowledge of machinery risk assessment is useful, but not necessary for participants.

Managers that would benefit from this training include Engineering Managers, Health and Safety Managers, Operations Managers, Procurement Managers and Human Resources Managers. Engineers would also benefit from better understanding the tools they need to apply to machinery safety and compliance. Your management team will be better equipped to understand and make decisions relating to machinery risk.

A TEG Risk expert engineer will conduct this training course for you at your site, over the course of a full day.


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TEG Risk Consultant Providing Training Service

Machine Safety – Overview Training

Our intensive short course will ensure your wider team better understands machine safety issues and are more prepared to apply appropriate fixes. We cover off the key engineering requirements of the machine safety standards (AS/NZS 4024:2014) and supporting standards. That’s 900 pages of knowledge conveyed in a one to two hour training session. 

At the end of our Machine Safety – Overview Training, your team will be able to better operate and maintain your machinery, risks will be identified more quickly and accurately and poor design fixes will be reduced.

This training is tailored to your operational team: specifically engineers and health and safety personnel. They will have a direct relationship with your machinery and be responsible for machinery improvements.

A TEG Risk expert engineer will conduct this training course for you onsite for two hours, or via a one hour video presentation.


Download our TEG Risk Training Solutions Overview by completing the short form below:

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Why TEG Risk?

  • We are experts
    When it comes to safety engineering, TEG Risk is a cut above the rest. Our team is skilled in all aspects of workplace health and safety. Each one of our consultants holds the internationally-recognised TUV qualification along with extensive but specialist machinery related experience. As well as machine safety and reliability, and combustible substances (AS/NZS Unit standards for explosive substances). 
  • We are experienced
    We’ve seen it all before and we know exactly what works. As experts in planning, prioritisation and project management, we’ll suggest solutions that make the best use of your resources and budget.
  • We add value
    As independent consultants, we implement risk management solutions in your workplace while you continue with your business-as-usual operations. This keeps your ‘latent risk period’ to an absolute minimum.
  • We work as part of your team
    We tailor our processes and reporting to suit you. We spend time on the factory floor, talking to your operators and understanding your processes to deliver the exact solutions your company needs. We work efficiently and without disruption so that your workplace becomes compliant and safe as quickly as possible.

Protect your staff and business

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