​Machine Safety – LOTO

Access LOTO assessments for individual machines or convert your TEG Risk Machine Safety Risk Assessments to LOTO cards simply using MinRisk.


Australasian regulations require all machinery to have programmes in place to prevent the movement of machinery during cleaning and maintenance. This legislation protects your employees from hazardous energy in the workplace, reducing serious injury and workplace fatalities.

The solution is LOTO (Lock Out – Tag Out) which is an established set of procedures created for every machine at a site or plant to Lock Out and Tag Out each of the energy sources of an individual machine during its cleaning or maintenance cycle.

TEG Risk has a team of engineering professionals that can evaluate the energy sources of your machinery, and determine unique LOTO requirements for each. They will also be able to advise on any residual risks.

Machine Safety LOTO Services

  • Already had a Machine Safety Risk Assessment from TEG Risk? – we can use the insights we’ve already gathered with MinRisk to quickly produce the LOTO cards you require for each machine.
  • Want a standalone LOTO assessment? – our engineering experts can conduct a LOTO only assessment for each of your machines to produce the LOTO cards you require to meet regulations.

We’ve put together a free guide that explains why LOTO is necessary, how LOTO improves safety, and more in our Explainer Guide To LOTO.

Download TEG Risk’s LOTO Guide using the button below:

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Protect your most valuable assets – your employees

TEG Risk is committed to machine safety and risk management, and supporting safe and compliant workplaces. Every year, throughout Australia, New Zealand and across the world, employees are seriously injured or killed in workplace incidents. Many of these incidents are preventable and can occur when a machine is not properly Locked Out.

Protect your employees and ensure your workplace is compliant today. Contact The Machine Safety LOTO Experts:

Why TEG Risk?

  • We are experts
    When it comes to safety engineering, TEG Risk is a cut above the rest. Our team is skilled in all aspects of workplace health & safety. Each one of our consultants holds the internationally-recognised TUV qualification along with extensive but specialist machinery related experience. As well as machine safety and reliability, and combustible substances experience (AS/NZS Unit standards for explosive substances). 
  • We are experienced
    We’ve seen it all before and we know exactly what works. As experts in planning, prioritisation and project management, we’ll suggest solutions that make the best use of your resources and budget.
  • We add value
    As independent consultants, we implement risk management solutions in your workplace while you continue with your business-as-usual operations. This keeps your ‘latent risk period’ to an absolute minimum.
  • We work as part of your team
    We tailor our processes and reporting to suit you. We spend time on the factory floor, talking to your operators and understanding your processes to deliver the exact solutions your company needs. We work efficiently and without disruption so that your workplace becomes compliant and safe as quickly as possible.

Protect your staff and business

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