Machine Reliability

If you’re keen to optimise your plant’s performance, consider engaging TEG Risk expertise to deliver cost effective and practical improvements to your machinery maintenance plans.


The international manufacturing industry depends on machinery to deliver products to their customers, on time, on spec and on budget. Issues with machine quality, speed or breakdown can quickly impact orders and your bottom line.

TEG Risk provides a number of solutions to improve your machine reliability and performance. We consider practical improvements and assess your plant for cost efficiencies too.

Machine Reliability Services

Proactive Reliability Services

Preventative action is the best course of action when it comes to machine reliability. If your plant is running well, this is the best time to adopt cost efficiency measures or practical improvements. Bear in mind that most of your machinery won’t last as long as its design life. Our Machine Reliability experts understand the key reasons for machinery malfunctions and early wear and tear.

Our Proactive Reliability approach ensures we implement solutions that maximise the lifespan and performance of your machine or equipment. We also establish monitoring systems to warn your operational team of impending issues and ensure the site is prepared for the required repairs in the least disruptive manner.

Reactive Reliability Services

Our Machine Reliability experts are able to run a loss mapping assessment to identify and prioritise the key issues affecting your plant. Prioritisation of issues, according to their value, is key to managing fixes with the least disruption to production. Our Root Cause Analysis then identifies the most effective and efficient solutions to gain the fastest, most sustainable results.

Once we have machine reliability under control, we recommend moving to a proactive programme to ensure you stop fixing problems, and start designing machine reliability solutions.

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Machine Reliability Programmes

Machine Reliability programmes

Our Machine Reliability experts conduct a methodical programme of work to ensure machine reliability for your plant:

  • Perform a loss mapping assessment – we’ll evaluate every factor affecting your site’s production – from equipment to technology to labour. We’ll demonstrate how each factor affects your plant’s key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Determine a plant-wide machine strategy – identifying the systems, processes, equipment, and repetitive loss generators responsible for the gap between actual production and facility capability.
  • Create a practical, functional programme – improving your company’s operations in a cost effective manner.


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Why TEG Risk?

  • We are experts
    When it comes to safety engineering, TEG Risk is a cut above the rest. Our team is skilled in all aspects of workplace health & safety. Each one of our consultants holds the internationally-recognised TUV qualification along with extensive but specialist machinery related experience. As well as machine safety and reliability, and combustible substances experience (AS/NZS Unit standards for explosive substances). 
  • We are experienced
    We’ve seen it all before and we know exactly what works. As experts in planning, prioritisation and project management, we’ll suggest solutions that make the best use of your resources and budget.
  • We add value
    As independent consultants, we implement risk management solutions in your workplace while you continue with your business-as-usual operations. This keeps your ‘latent risk period’ to an absolute minimum.
  • We work as part of your team
    We tailor our processes and reporting to suit you. We spend time on the factory floor, talking to your operators and understanding your processes to deliver the exact solutions your company needs. We work efficiently and without disruption so that your workplace becomes compliant and safe as quickly as possible.