Optimise Your Machine Risk Management Approach

About MinRisk

At TEG Risk we support our inhouse consulting team by partnering with MinRisk.

The app allows for mobile, real-time machine safety risk assessments serving Health & Safety and Engineering teams, in the manufacturing sector. It covers relevant modules for the specific requirements of ISO12100 or AS/NZS 4024.1201 or ISO 13849-1. 

Risk information can be presented in multiple ways for different team members, and can be configured for individual company’s internal risk management policy requirements and so much more.

As partners of MinRisk, we’re equipped to support our clients to transition their risk reporting systems to the gold-standard cloud reporting and management offered by MinRisk, and we can do this while conducting new risk assessments.

Our team utilises the app while carrying out on-site machine safety risk assessments, making the assessments multi-site capable, with up-to-date interactive and shareable information, providing maximum value for our clients throughout any assessment process.

With MinRisk we’re able to continue to support our clients beyond a ‘moment in time’ risk assessment, or training session. And by supporting our clients to move from manual risk registers (or excel spreadsheets), to a cloud-based solution, we provide continuity in our client’s safety programmes, with easy access to real-time data and insights. It’s continuous, compliant, real time, machine safety support that transforms client relationships and safety outcomes. 

If you’re interested in MinRisk for your business, get in touch with the TEG Risk team today. 


MinRisk benefits and key product features

MinRisk is the first of its kind in the Australian and New Zealand markets, supporting Health & Safety teams in the manufacturing sectors to automate their machine safety assessments with fewer errors, faster.

  • Meeting required International Health and Safety standards
  • Work onsite, in real-time
  • Collaborative app with multiple users
  • Relevant and understandable data
  • Streamline your risk management reporting
  • Web portal allows platform customisation
  • Lock Out Tag Out add on module

“I would rather use nothing else due to the productivity gains and logical means of documenting the existing controls & remedial actions with photos providing visual references. MinRisk pairs nicely with built in features in the iPad to achieve a really powerful solution. New features have been added during the time I have been using it, making it more and more user friendly.”

Warren Wagener – Senior Safety Engineer, TEG Risk

Continuous improvement

Through user feedback MinRisk is continuously improving, with new features added and updated to improve usability and functionality.

The TEG Risk team is available to demo the app and support you through the onboarding process. We can show you just how transformational this machine safety software is. 

Is it time to change the way you assess your workplace safety?


Your privacy is important to us. When we use MinRisk, we collect information to carry out machine risk assessments. Any personal information we collect is kept secure and is used for the purpose of the assessment.

Read MinRisk’s Privacy Policy to find out more.