Keeping Workplaces Safer

Keeping Workplaces Safer

As a leading provider in machine safety management, TEG Risk are renowned for making Kiwi workplaces safer. Our clients include a number of manufacturing and processing companies throughout New Zealand, Australian and internationally.

One of our most significant clients is a large dairy manufacturing plant with several sites nationwide. They approached TEG Risk about seven years ago and have been clients ever since. Today, they continue to engage with TEG Risk for different functions on a regular basis.

As an objective third party, TEG Risk provide the client with peace of mind that comes with ensuring everything is fully compliant. Although the client previously used cheaper competitors, TEG Risk provides the exact, top-quality results they are looking for.

Here’s what our client has to say about working with TEG Risk. 

“Hamish is super onto it. I find the whole team very professional. Their work is always extremely thorough, and their reports are clear and concise, with breakdowns of which priorities are highest. We know exactly what we want out of these assessments and we appreciate that Hamish takes that on, as well as delivering above and beyond. Right from the beginning, TEG Risk have provided a lot of helpful direction and all of the detail needed.”  

“When it comes to risk assessments, TEG Risk is absolutely worth the money – especially for complex tasks.”

No matter the size or scope of your company, TEG Risk have the skills and experience to assess the most complex machine safety issues. We use The MinRisk App to carry out a highly detailed and accurate assessment so we can provide an efficient and cost-effective solution.

Need TEG Risk to implement machine safety and long-term productivity in your workplace? Get in touch today for a comprehensive safety risk assessment.



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